What Services Can a Commercial Locksmith Perform?

A commercial locksmith happens to be someone who often provides or wishes to provide best locksmith services and solutions to commercial businesses such as shops, factories, warehouses, malls, offices, retail establishments, etc.  Commercial locksmiths claim to be the more professional and carry extra expertise in designing, executing and providing solutions to the commercial establishments. 

Since commercial locking systems may require a higher level of skill in comparison with residential or automotive doors and keys, commercial locksmiths should possess a different set of skills.

We should not assume that commercial locksmiths only provide solutions in industrial niches and are unaware of residential locks, safes, and doors. It is just that they specialize in security systems and the like which are used more in commercial businesses.

Catalog of Commercial Locksmith Services

Let’s us now try and understand the services a commercial locksmith can perform. There are a good number of locksmiths in Charlotte, NC who provide a variety of these services. 

Doors & Door Frame services – Requirements for commercial doors and door frames are different from residential doors both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. Talented commercial locksmiths excel in detailing out the requirements for commercial doors and door frames. 

Master Key – Availability of a master key eliminates the need for handling and managing a large pool of keys. Not all locksmiths possess the skill to generate a master key and only some commercial locksmiths have the ability, tools, and competency to cut a majestic master key.

Cylindrical or motorised locks – The demand for motorized locks and locking equipment is on the rise since traditional locking systems have a major disadvantage when being used on selected access areas, such as staff-only areas and other sensitive areas that require a strict policy of access control.

Re-Keying – it is one of the most common techniques used by locksmiths and extremely effective. It ensures safety as it changes a particular pattern of basic design on the same cylinders of lock, while at the same time being cost-effective rather than needing to buy a completely new locking system. 

Access Control Systems– The most crucial component in commercial security systems is the ability to decipher the appropriate degree of authorization to access various areas/zones. Access control systems help in detailing the go & no-go areas and monitoring them accurately. 

High-Security Locks – This reduces the ability of quick breaking of safes and ensures a more robust security system prolonging the duration of any attempted security break-in.

Cabinet and Desk Locks – Offices, especially those that handle sensitive documentation and costly equipment and tools require these kinds of locking facilities. Jewelers, attorneys, research laboratories, etc. are prime candidates for such services.

Safe Installation, Servicing, and Combination Changes – Businesses require safes on-site to protect their cash, important documents, and other valuables. 

Locksmiths are forever improving through research and experiments of new locking technology and increasing the efficiency in repair or installation of older ones.

Safety and security are the basic needs of any business, and today’s commercial locksmiths are providing efficient solutions at affordable prices. Call your local Charlotte locksmith today for an audit of your shop or business establishment. Contact us today for any locksmith services in Charlotte.

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