Professional Door Lock Replacement Service

A-Access Lock & Key - Door Lock Replacement

Table of Contents A residential locksmith offers a variety of services to ensure your home is safe and secure. These services include door lock replacement.  There are a lot of reasons why you might want to consider hiring an experienced locksmith for your house key duplication or door lock replacement needs. Not only do they … Click Here To Read More

Smart Locks vs Traditional Locks

The purpose of a lock is to keep you and your valuables safe. The success of a locking mechanism depends on the level of security it provides. Based on these facts, what type of lock should one go in for? – the traditional lock or the smart lock?  Let’s get down and discuss with the … Click Here To Read More

6 Traits to Look for in an Emergency Locksmith

When you have misplaced your keys and are locked out of home or office, you are in a fix. First of all, you must get into your office or home. Secondly, you must change the locks to prevent any illegal entry. Both of these tasks must be completed within the shortest time possible. This is … Click Here To Read More

How To Remove a Locked Door Knob from the Outside

Locked out of your own house? Don’t get frustrated. You can try picking the lock or use some metal tools to unlock the doorknob. If this does not work, try to remove the doorknob from the outside. Whatever you do, try not to cause damage to the doorknob. Here are some tricks from our locksmith … Click Here To Read More

Different types of smart locks

Gone are the days of the traditional lock with keys. Now is the age for smart locks. Yes, locks that operate without the use of a key are called smart locks. These smart locks function with the help of electronic or digital technology and need a wi-fi connection. They may use motion sensors, digital coding, … Click Here To Read More

Why is a locksmith the best friend of a property manager?

Property Managers are underrated but their to-do list can scare many of us. Did a tenant dispute, disrupt the peace in a rental property and needs an eviction process to be initiated? Are some of the amenities not operational in the apartment complexes? Landlords will call the property manager for help. From financial responsibility like … Click Here To Read More

How to Prevent Locking Your Children in The Car

Are you aware that “a child can survive in a locked car for only 10 minutes and not more than that?” According to the National Safety Council, in 2020, the number of child hot car deaths in the U.S. was 25. To cite further, the number of child heat stroke deaths due to being left … Click Here To Read More