What are the Best Practices for Changing the Locks on my Business?

As a business owner, you want to keep your business safe and the premises secure. This is why you have installed high-security locks for your office or store. Does this mean there is no security risk for your business premises? Is your office or store completely protected from security incidents? You cannot be 100% sure. You can find out only with a safety inspection by a professional locksmith company

The other way to ensure total security is to change your office locks from time to time. Must this lock change be frequent? When should one change the locks? Are they any guidelines or best practices to follow? Here are some pointers.

Best practices for changing your business locks

It is time to change your commercial locks when you encounter the following.

Business Convenience

The first reason for changing locks I’d when you find that they are no longer convenient for frequent usage.

Many times, you find that the basic locks you installed for your security are becoming a pain to handle. Yes, these locks may get jammed from time to time.

Or they might have a single key which is with one person and that person is on leave! The others are not able to get into the office or room and have to wait till the key is fetched or the lock is broken!

In another case, we find that a room has privileged access and the person inside has to get up every time leaving his work to open the door.

All these instances show that your locks are hampering your office work and the productivity of your employees. At times like these, you should call a locksmith and change your locks. You can use a master key system or a key card system that will grant multiple access while maintaining and monitoring it. You can even use an electronic security system that operates by code.

Business Security

If the locks you currently have are not providing adequate security, you must change them at once. 

You will know this only when you face certain security incidents like theft or break-in but it would be too late then. So, better late than never. Check your office lock if it can withstand a brute force attack. Usually, burglars try to break into offices through brute force attacks.

This is the way you can test if the security it provides is enough for your office.

If your office lock could not pass your brute force attack test, you can call an expert locksmith to change it at once.

Internal Access control

There are times when you feel that your office must have a secure method of controlling its access. And this is not just for the external doors alone but also for the internal file cabinets and their contents. File cabinets must be secured against unpermitted access. The business information stored in the core files also needs to be protected. You will realize the urgency of changing locks to the file cabinets only when an employee handling them leaves your company.

Whenever an employee of high-rank handling core files leaves the organization, it is best to change the locks of the file cabinets. Usually, these file cabinets are in combination safes and so, you just change their code. You can apply a complex password or multi-factor authentication to secure them.

The next immediate thing you must do is to change the file permissions of the digital assets they handled. Next, install at least a two-factor authentication for ensuring their total safety.

Always change your locks when you need to protect the intellectual property and information assets of your business, especially after staff attrition. An experienced locksmith can guide you best on the security measures you must adopt 

Common vulnerabilities

Every office faces some common vulnerabilities in its safety. Like missing keys, forgotten passwords, etc. During such stringent circumstances, you have no option but to change your office locks.

The other common vulnerability these days is user authentication in security systems. Hacking and identity theft are relatively common and have to be nipped in the bud. The best way to ensure this is to keep changing the root user credentials once in 3 -6 months. if it is possible, use an IAM Access Analyzer to assess the access levels in your office and then strengthen them.

To protect your commercial enterprise or business space from physical security threats or virtual ones like identity theft or hacking, change the locks and passwords periodically. Take the help of a skilled Charlotte locksmith such as A-Access Lock & Key to do this look change with precision and efficiency

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