What should I know about transponder chip keys for my Mitsubishi Galant or Mitsubishi Eclipse?

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Learn about transponder chip keys for Mitsubishi Galant and Eclipse, including how to replace and program them with the help of a professional locksmith.

Transponder chip keys can be quite tricky to grasp. Understand these car key features of your Mitsubishi vehicle from the best locksmith company in Charlotte.

  • A good number of the latest models of Mitsubishi automobiles like the Galant or Eclipse come well-outfitted with keyless entry remotes, which are also called key fobs. Keyless entry is a system of controlling the door lock as well as the trunk release devoid of having to use your key.
  • The keyless entry remote for every Mitsubishi has to be programmed for its specific vehicle. Since your keys are programmed already whenever you buy a Mitsubishi, in case you obtain replacement keys they will have to be programmed to effectively operate your motor vehicle.
  • Losing your car keys for your Mitsubishi Galant or Eclipse is indeed not an experience you will want to go through. This is attributed to the fact that a basic key cut from a local hardware store will not work. This is because new Mitsubishi models are fitted with transponder keys.
  • The microchip that is found inside the transponder operates with an object called a pass lock sensor inside the ignition. This sensor relays to the control module the security data, devoid of that data, the Mitsubishi will not ignite. Fortunately, there is a way through which you can get replacement transponder keys for your vehicle.

What are the steps to follow to replace a lost Mitsubishi car key with an auto locksmith?

  • Decide on which type of key you want. Firstly, if your Mitsubishi car keys are the type that contains a microchip, this could cost more. This anti-theft keyless entry / Go system technology employs the use of a dedicated smart key that should match the authentication required by the vehicle; hence a different key will not allow the motor vehicle to start. A locksmith can reprogram your vehicle to accept the new keys besides cutting you a new one. Keys come in two types: the master key and the valet key. The difference lies mainly in remote access. Although both keys will start ignition, the valet key will not be able to unlock your car doors from a short distance. The master key, however, will come with remote control access.
  • Ask around for a qualified automotive locksmith. Inquire about rates for car key solutions by furnishing them with the model and make of your motor vehicle, and ask about what they would require from you. Licensed automotive locksmiths will often ask for VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), driver’s license motor vehicle registration, and other documents as proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Have the car key service locksmith come to your location. A skilled key locksmith will be able to give you a replacement smart key and program your vehicle as well in no time. Store a copy of your insurance card and registration in a secure place just in case of an emergency or even theft.

Do not worry if you lose your car keys. Professional locksmith companies offer key replacement services, aside from key extraction and key cutting services.

Not all motor vehicle locksmiths have the latest know-how of automotive technology and knowledge of programming the transponder key. A reputed locksmith whose specialty is automotive locksmith services will certainly be able to program for you a replacement key for your Mitsubishi vehicle. A-Access Lock & Key offers emergency locksmith services in Charlotte. Call our customer service representative at 704-545-5410 to get in touch with us.

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