Your Toyota Car Key Replacement Questions Answered

If you own a Toyota you should be aware of the fact that your Toyota car keys are made specifically to be recognized in your car. The car will not start when someone tries to use a duplicate car key to start the Toyota. If you lose your Toyota car keys then you will need to replace the car keys. You will have to order a new chip key from a Toyota dealership or a professional automotive locksmith whose specialty is car key programming as well as selling Toyota replacements car keys. 

So you have looked everywhere but couldn’t find the lost auto keys to your Toyota Car. If you had the foresight to make a set of spare keys when you were able to, well and good. Chances are if you are reading this article right now, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for and you’re probably looking at some options for Toyota car keys.

In this post, the professional locksmith technicians answer all your Toyota car key replacement questions.

I lost my Toyota car keys. What should I do?

You can replace your Toyota keys and get them made at any neighborhood dealership or from a reputable locksmith company. The difference between the two is the kind of service offered. Most car key locksmiths will come to you wherever you are, while the Authorized Toyota dealer will ask you to tow your vehicle to their shop. Either way, there’s no need to worry about your lost Toyota key because you can get the Toyota car key replacement made by an experienced local mobile locksmith. Get out of the emergency car keys scenario you are in and get into the vehicle with a new set of remote keys for your Toyota!

What are some of the Toyota car key replacement services a mobile automotive locksmith offer?

  • Lost or stolen key remote
  • Program a transponder chip key
  • Broken ignition keys or stuck ignition key
  • Toyota car key duplication
  • Replacement key fob
  • Key replacement & broken key extractions
  • Extracting Toyota  car key off the ignition
  • Replacement of Toyota car ignition key.

Finally, can you share some dos and don’ts for getting my Toyota Lost keys from the dealer?

  • Only a registered Toyota owner who has appropriate identification can get a new key from the dealership. You may have to call ahead to check if the dealership has a replacement key for your Toyota. Nonetheless, for the real replacement, you will have to personally visit the dealership.

  • You have to take your car to the dealership for the key replacement service. If the car cannot move, it can be towed to the dealership at a cost.

  • When the dealership is done cutting and programming your new Toyota car key, try it first before you leave. Try the new key both in the ignition and the door locks as well. This will make it easy for the dealership to do the necessary correction if there is a need.

  • Toyota car dealerships have many outlets across the globe making it easy to access their services regardless of location. To get sufficient information about where to get these services you can utilize the internet and check for the reviews and their ratings. Getting information from friends and family is another option. 

  • However, if you live in a place where there is no dealership you can rest assured of finding a reputable automotive locksmith. Luckily for you getting a locksmith is pretty easy.

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