Top 5 Tips from Residential Locksmiths for Finding Your Lost Keys

Have you left your keys inside the house and locked yourself out? Unable to remember the place where you kept the keys? To misplace things, and especially keys, is normal human behavior. If you already lost your keys to your home, it is a problem, although there are solutions. It is better to be cautious from the beginning to avoid such mishaps.

Do not panic, as we have got some of the best tips and words of advice from our expert residential locksmith for situations like these. So, before you lose it (and your keys) again, here are some recommendations by verified residential locksmiths.

#5 – Do not panic but keep searching

When people lose their keys, they tend to panic. We understand that it is natural, but according to wise locksmiths, you should never panic when you lose your keys. Tell yourself that whatever you have done is not a huge mistake, it is pretty normal to lose stuff.

Keep your calm and do not stop searching for those keys.  Relax and try to remember every single aspect of where the keys can be. Instead of getting angry at yourself or others, retrace your steps prior to losing the keys. That may provide clues as to where the keys may be.

#4 – Search in the most unexpected places

 On most occasions you will find it in common places, for example, in bathtubs, in your wallet, on the TV, in your garage, on the kitchen shelves, and other usual places. Sometimes they are in the car ignition itself!

It is however funny but true, sometimes, our lost keys are found in the most unexpected places. We tend to keep our keys in weird places and forget about where we left them. Locksmiths ask people to also look for their keys in places where you will not even look for it. 

#3 – Know that your mind can play tricks you

Our mind is sometimes our biggest enemy. When we lose our keys, our mind tends to wander in different directions. New thoughts pop up, such as false memories that will take us on a wrong track. You might just leave your keys at home, but your mind might trick you that you left them in the coffee shop you stopped en-route to enjoy the $3.65 cappuccino.

Hence, it is essential to understand that your mind might trick you in these situations. Do not ask yourself questions like ‘when was the last time you saw the key?’, instead try to remember the track of the activities related to the key.

#2 – Contact a locksmith

At the end of the whole search, if you still cannot find the key, then you must call a residential locksmith to replace the lock, or to get a duplicate of the key. Yes, this will cost you, but at the end of the day, it costs much less than the hassle and irritation you are subjecting yourself to. Also, if you find the keys after the locksmith service, do not worry about the money spent. Thank yourself that have a spare key, so if you lose it again (hopefully you don’t anymore), you will have an extra one to get back into your car or home!

#1 – Be calm and relaxed 

Now that you have called the locksmith, calm yourself. A calm and relaxed mind works better than a mind full of anxiety and anger. It helps in finding your keys quickly or dealing with the locksmith. Narrow down the places where it can be, and eventually, you will remember the place. It is a known fact, that if you calmly think about the places where you could have lost your keys, you will find the key in the most unexpected places, for example, maybe in a pocket in your wind-cheater or blazer.

Be calm and call Access Locksmith. We provide services anywhere in Charlotte, NC!


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