Tips for Getting A Stuck Key Out Of Any Lock Fast

It’s one of those busy days when you are in a hurry. You turn the key in the ignition lock cylinder and your key is stuck resulting in a jammed lock. Now, neither does the key come out nor does the ignition switch work. What to do? You can try to jiggle the steering wheel or pry the key out. This may end up damaging your lock and you will have to opt for lock replacement. Why risk all this? Call a professional locksmith instead. He will take the key out gingerly without harming the lock.

Still, if you want to get the key out at once, here are some quick ways to do it.

Tips to help you get a stuck key out of the lock fast.

Using tweezers

The first handy tool that you can get hold of to extract the key from the lock is tweezers. The success of this technique depends on the thickness of the tweezers and the extent to which the key has gone into the lock. If the tweezers are of the wrong size or thickness, they will push the key farther into the look.

Use a wide tweezer of medium thickness and apply light pressure on them while turning the key. Excessive pressure will only push the key more inside with every hard grip. Do not attempt this if you do not have the right tweezers or know how to do it

Using super glue

Apply superglue to the broken key stick it onto a wood piece and then, try to pull it free.

Again, in this method, avoid excess pressure on the key. Also, avoid applying too much glue as it might damage the lock.

This method seems to be a simple solution but has often been counterproductive.

Striking the lock

Keep the lock with the keyhole in the downward position and strike the keyway with one single blow with a hammer. Here, the crucial point is that strike the keyhole in the exact position to get the key loose by gravity.

This method is quite risky as you have to apply a strong blow to the lock with a hammer. Too much of a force might result in breaking the lock itself. That is why it is best to use this method as a last resort.

Grasp and pull

Take 2 pieces of metal and place them on either side of the stuck key. Gently probe the keyway and try pulling the key out. With the metal holding the key on either side, grasp the key firmly and pull. With luck, if you try this repeatedly, the key might come out.

You can try to do this safely without damaging the locking mechanism.

Key extractor

In case your locksmith is late in arriving, and you do not have the patience to wait, try this. For this, you need to buy this key extraction tool. Even some locksmith services use this tool professionally.

To use this tool, put the extractor inside the keyway along with the biting side of the stuck key. Actually, what you are trying to do here is to hook the extractor to the teeth of the key. Once you get the grip, just twist and pull. When it comes out, grab the key.

Not everyone can buy this tool on time. So, it is always better to call expert auto locksmiths for efficient service.

Using a bit of lubricant

Apply a lubricant like WD-40 spray on the keyhole and jiggle the key up and down. With luck, the key may come out.

A broken key or a stuck key may ruin the lock mechanism, if not attended properly. You need professional assistance from a qualified automotive locksmith. They can offer roadside assistance to extract the key and repair the faulty lock at affordable rates.

Whenever you have misfortune with locks or keys, call a mobile locksmith. They will reach you in minutes. They offer unbeatable service at reasonable prices for all key replacement services. Contact A-Access Lock & Key for locksmith services in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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