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Are you aware that “a child can survive in a locked car for only 10 minutes and not more than that?”

According to the National Safety Council, in 2020, the number of child hot car deaths in the U.S. was 25. To cite further, the number of child heat stroke deaths due to being left in a vehicle is 38 every year. 

These alarming figures indicate that locking children in a car by a parent or guardian is something that happens often. In case of such emergencies, one must call a professional locksmith service at once. They can open your car in seconds and rescue the child.

Why do car-related child deaths happen?

Parents do not do it with intention, but sometimes they forget about the children in the car. This happens when they are out shopping or in a meeting and the unattended child suffers as a consequence. 

Accidental vehicle lockout can also occur when children try to sneak it for playing.

The doors lock shut, and they do not realize that they cannot get out. These situations also happen if the child-caregiver is not alert and watchful.

This is why one should always have a spare set of car keys at home. Expert locksmiths can make a duplicate key for your car at an affordable cost.

What are the tips to prevent locking your children in the car?

Parents have to be careful while taking children in motor vehicles. They must follow these tips to prevent the dangers to children from being locked in vehicles.

Take your children with you always 

Never leave children in cars alone. Even if you want to make a quick dash to the supermarket, take them with you. 

States like Florida guide by law to never leave kids in vehicles. This is because of the dangerous temperatures outside. 

If you make a habit of having your child in tow, you can prevent fatalities among children by being in a hot vehicle.

Never leave your car keys within your child’s reach

Children love to play in cars. A curious child may meddle with the locking mechanism. He can get locked in due to the auto-lock on your key fob. Now, calling an emergency locksmith is the only way to get them out.

Always carry spare keys with you

Get a competent locksmith to make a spare set of keys for you.  Carry them always in person in a separate key ring. Or leave one at home. 

Never leave a child unattended near the car

Even if you have a child care service, instruct them to never leave the child unattended for a long period of time.  Ask them to check if they are anywhere near the vehicle. If they are absent for a while, have your child care provider call you at once.

Check your car before you exit

In a hurry to leave, you might leave your child in the backseat within the car itself.  The high internal temperature of the car with the air conditioning switched off is the reason for child hot car deaths. Prevent this by checking for children as a usual routine in cars.

Travel with kids safely 

When you travel with kids, check the seatbelts, window switches, locking mechanism, etc. Teach your children to use the window switches to open them if they are in an unattended vehicle. Show them to use the seatbelts without entangling them.

Always keep the locksmith number on your phone

Store the number of a reliable locksmith service on your mobile. Make a mental note to give to your family and child care provider as well. You can contact the locksmith for emergency services any time of the day or night.

Keeping your children safe should always be your first priority. Take all the above precautions while taking along children in cars. Keep the number of your professional locksmith handy. You can trust A-Access Locksmith in Charlotte to help you 24×7 with your child safety.

A-Access Lock & Key offers locksmith services in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Contact us today for any locksmith services in Charlotte.

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