Restricted Key System – Pros and Cons

For home or office security, everyone looks for a foolproof locking system. A lock whose keys none can duplicate. No one wants second keys for their locks floating about everywhere. 

If you want to know who is using the key each time, make sure that your lock has no set of keys other than what you have in hand. For this, you must use a restricted key system. The expert locksmiths at A-Access Lock & Key will now provide you with useful information on restricted keys. Here are the pros and cons of using restricted key systems for protection.

What is a Restricted Key System?

A restricted key system is a locking system whose keys are all linked to the master key. No one can duplicate the master key without the owner’s consent. It means there are no extra keys anywhere in the world for this restricted key system.

Offices, apartment complexes, hospitals, and commercial premises can use restricted key systems for maximum security.

A Classic Example of a Restricted Key System in Use

Even small startups or homes can make use of the restricted key system for their security.

For example, you can get a restricted key system for your office’s main doors. You can order a set of 5 keys in total. These keys are numbered. You can give one to each of your 4 employees and retain the master key yourself. By doing this, you now have a track of who all have a key to your office. In case of any untoward incident, you can easily find who has used the key. If the employee leaves the job, he must return the key to you. With this key system, you know full well that no one can make duplicate keys without your written permission. You can sleep well without worrying about who will enter your office. The restricted key system makes sure that only those to whom you give keys can enter your building.

The same applies to your home too. For a small family of 4, you can give keys to each of the 3 members and retain the master key yourself. By this, each one has both independent access as well as joint responsibility towards the home.

Advantages of a Restricted Key System

  • Total access control

With a restricted key system, you have total access control of your premises. You not only know who enters your building but if you want you can restrict their access by taking back the key. Since it is illegal to duplicate the master key without your written consent, the others can do nothing about it. Now, you have full control of access to your home or office.

  • No worry of theft or break-in

It is next to impossible to duplicate the master key of your restricted key system. To do this, you have to sign and give consent. So there is no chance of your malevolent or erstwhile staff duplicating the key. There is a 0% chance of theft or break-in.

Disadvantages of a restricted key system

  • Very difficult to open without a master key

Opening a restricted key system without the master key is next to impossible. Yet sometimes you might want a locksmith to do this. This happens if you are locked out with the master key inside. Or your master key goes missing. In such an event, even trained locksmiths find it hard to open the restricted key system.

  • Needs a written consent for key duplication

If you want to duplicate your master key, you have to give a written consent letter. This can prove cumbersome if you want to duplicate your key for an emergency. 

Imagine a situation where your close relative or friend comes to your house to stay. If you want to give them access, you have to fill out a written form.

Considering the pros and cons of a restricted key system, we can conclude that its security and access control surpass its minute disadvantages. If you want foolproof locking and complete access control, go for a restricted key system. Contact A-Access Lock & Key for locksmith services in Charlotte and surrounding areas


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