Physical Access Control for Offices & Campuses

Every office, big or small, must have complete control over the physical access to its premises. Only this can prevent illegal entry, theft, and other malpractices.

Traditional locks can not minimize such potential threats. What one needs is an advanced type of access control and enhancing the security standards. This is where Physical Access Control Systems come in.

Is your office or store completely protected from security incidents? You cannot be 100% sure. You can find out only with a safety inspection by a professional locksmith company.

What is a Physical Access Control system?

The main purpose of a Physical Access Control System is to provide security to the building. It does this by allowing physical access to the building only to the people who have permission or authorization. 

Every employee, customer, contractor, or official can enter the building only if he/she has an access card. This access card may be a smart card on a mobile device or an ordinary ID card. Whatever the type of access card used, unauthorized access is next to impossible.

The Physical Access Control System may use two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication. It may employ biometric systems, proximity cards or facial scanners. Whatever the type of advanced technology, physical Identity and access management has come to stay in the business world.

What are the benefits of Physical Access Control Systems?

Keep track of who enters or exits the building always

The access system and the specially designed access control architecture helps in identity management. It monitors the entry and exit of personnel to/from the building on a round-the-clock basis.

Controls access based on role or responsibility 

Not every aspect of the office is open to one and all. With the access control system, privileged areas can have restricted access. This improves the level of security.

Manages credentials for access

Access control cards are issued as badges to employees. The badges are issued after duly checking the credential for access. The Physical Access Control System keeps track of all issued and used badges. 

Controlling Cybersecurity domains

The Cloud-based Access Control System can minimise the risk of cyber threats. With  Cloud access control, internet access can be restricted or denied to illegal users. This can prevent digital fraud and hacking or phishing in cyberspace.

Advanced Features of the Physical Access Control System

Ensuring Employee Safety

Physical Access Control Systems are several steps beyond electromagnetic locks. Without its access cards, none can enter the building.  It ensures the complete safety of the employees in the office.

Quick Emergency Response

In case of an emergency, the Physical Access System is invaluable. It has a digital record of the employees present in the building. It helps to track who remains in the building and helps in evacuating them.

Granting Access privileges to office facilities 

Offices grant special services to employees to generate goodwill. These include access to dining halls, internet access, and athletic facilities on their premises. The access control system grants and regulates these access privileges.

What does a physical access control system consist of?

The access system can use a fob or key card. It can operate with biometric identifiers. It can also be a Cloud Access Control System where it uses cloud applications to grant access permissions. The business organisation can control the office’s security through the cloud service. Both physical access and digital access is controlled using network devices and mobile phones. 

The basic Physical Access Control System consists of an Access Control Unit, Proximity Readers, a magnetic lock, wires, etc.  It needs to be connected to the Ethernet cable for internet access. After physically mounting the access control unit, it has to be configured and set up online.

Where can the Physical Access Control be used?

To control access to campus resources 

College students can be granted permission to access campus resources only during working hours. They can enter college campuses only using cards. These security measures help the control system to monitor the campus facility hours, attendance tracking and ensure campus safety.

To control access to School facilities

Access to facilities on campuses can be made possible by granting cards to students. Now, access to school resources like school libraries, gymnasiums,  dining services is possible only during permitted school hours.

To control access to Network Resources

In offices, the access control security system regulates access to the network resources and important documentation. This can be enabled through biometric authentication or their android devices. 

Controlling physical access is not only a business goal but a necessity to ensure the physical security of any Business or Academic organization. If your business or educational institution is in the Charlotte area, contact best Charlotte locksmith company like A-Access Lock & Key and get started with installing the right access control system today!

To protect your commercial enterprise or business space from physical security threats or virtual ones like identity theft or hacking, change the locks and passwords periodically. Take the help of a skilled Charlotte locksmith such as A-Access Lock & Key to do this look change with precision and efficiency.


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