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Do you need to change your locks to improve the security of your home? You don’t really need to do it on your own when you can call in the experts to help you out. All you need to do is call a reliable locksmith that offers rekeys. You may want to consider A-Access Lock & Key, given that we have more than two decades of experience in this business. We have dealt with all kinds of locks and keys and we do our best to keep up with the latest technology in locks and keys. Just ask our Locksmith Charlotte NC and you will get the answers and assurance that you are looking for.

Local Licensed Locksmith Company in Charlotte NC

How Rekeying Works

When you lost your keys, had them stolen or misplaced them, you might be easily tempted to change your locks and just get new ones to get new keys. However, it is undoubtedly an expensive solution and a waste of money when our Licensed locksmith Charlotte NC can offer you rekeying services. A-Access Lock & Key has trained our technicians to rekey locks. This will save you from the time, cost, and effort of having to change your locks.

We will send an expert Local locksmith Charlotte to your home, take your locks out, change the tumblers and pins inside or change their position around to make way for a different setup. All these steps will make the old keys useless. Once our local locksmith is done with the changes, you can no longer use the old keys and we will make new ones for you.

Other Things You Need To Know About Rekeying

It only takes one call to A-Access Lock & Key for us to dispatch a Licensed locksmith Charlotte NC to your area. Don’t worry. All our locksmiths are trained, licensed, experienced, bonded, and insured. Whatever damage they may unintentionally cause to your home in the process of rekeying your locks, we will pay for it all.

Moreover, you can be assured that when we send a Expert locksmith to your home or office, that technician will be on time and polite. You can also ask him as many questions as you’d like and he’ll be able to answer them all.

During the rekeying, our Affordable locksmith Charlotte NC will only spend a few minutes on each lock rekey. It also depends on the type of lock and key that you have at home and the number of locks that you want changed. Usually though, it only takes us an hour to finish all the rekeys in one home.

We can rekey your door locks, window locks, patio door locks, padlocks, mailbox locks, desk and file cabinet locks, and more. Just tell us your problem and we will do our best to resolve it, using our decades of experience in the matters of locks and keys.

Our Company

A-Access Lock & Key offers our key services from Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 5 PM. We only provide mobile services, so we will always come to your aid instead of the other way around. You deserve to be relaxed even in the middle of a stressful situation, such as a lockout, an attempted burglary, and more. That is what A-Access Lock & Key is here for! Just call us at 704-545-5410 and we’ll come to you right away! A-Access Lock & Key offers locksmith services in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Contact us today for any locksmith services in Charlotte.

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Teddy Poulos, the founder and CEO of A-Access Lock & Key-Charlotte, is a highly respected figure in the locksmith industry, renowned for his expertise and unwavering commitment to exceptional service. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Teddy’s educational background in the locksmith industry has provided him with a solid foundation for his successful career in locksmithing. With hands-on experience since 1996, Teddy has established himself as a trusted authority in locksmith services, earning the trust and loyalty of clients throughout Charlotte and beyond. His dedication to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in making A-Access Lock & Key-Charlotte a leading name in the industry. Teddy’s passion for innovation and his commitment to providing effective security solutions continue to drive the success of his company, ensuring that A-Access Lock & Key-Charlotte remains a trusted partner for all locksmith needs in the region.

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