Keypad Locks: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

This post from our bonded Locksmith in Charlotte relates to keypad locks, their advantages, and why they are better than ordinary locks.

Keypad Locks – Reasons for Using Push Button Locks

One of the most famous additions to the advancing lock and key systems in the world today is the use of keypad locks. They are modern and have proven themselves to be effective and convenient.

What is a keypad lock?

A keypad lock is a lock with a keypad of usually 9 buttons. With these kinds of locks, all you need to do is enter your secret pin number using the electric keypad, much like you would at an ATM. The code is composed of numbers from the digits on the lock, for example, 6669 or 80085. No physical key is required.

This has been used for safes and high school lockers. Even banks are moving to this method of security.

Keypad Locks vs. Ordinary Locks

Why choose keypad locks over regular vanilla locks?

Unlike keypad locks, ordinary locks are usually more vulnerable to lock picking and being compromised. Someone can just as easily copy regular locks. It would be easier for a burglar to access your house, especially if you have a previous tenant.

If you want to increase your security using keypad locks, you can have one installed outside and another one installed inside. You can have distinct codes for each lock to lower the risk of someone getting in even when they know the code for the outside lock.

There are even keypad door locks that input the biometric features, such as an eye reader, fingerprint reader, or an electronic authentication card. Being keyless comes with several advantages.

Advantages Of Keypad Locks

Why do you need keypad locks?

When keys are not involved, there is no chance that you will get locked in or out of your house. It will save you from the inconvenience and cost of being shut in or out of the building. You don’t need to keep remembering where you kept the spare key or where to get help in case the lock gets broken and needs to be replaced. If you don’t want anyone else to know the code to your lock, change it regularly.

As long as you remember the code for your lock, you are the only one who can access it. No one has the chance to steal a key and gain entry. You also won’t misplace a key and spend hours searching for it.

Keypad locks are also ideal for working parents who are not always home when their kids arrive from school. There is no need to give the kids copies of your home keys or keep them under pots or mats so they can open the door. Doing so will only increase your security risk if someone happens to stumble upon those keys.

Minimize your risks using push button since you only need to give the household members the code or program them to accept your family member’s biometric identification. You can have peace of mind that no one else knows about your code and sleep safe and sound

Keypad Locks from A-Access Lock & Key

Use keypad locks for a safe and secure household.

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