Is Your Home More Secure With Keyless Locks?

Are keyless locks and smart locks a better option for securing your property? In this article, our expert locksmith examines the advantages of keyless locks.

With all of the key copying apps out there, it may be time for homeowners to think about installing a keyless lock in lieu of their standard residential lock.

Keyless locks provide several significant advantages. They are not very expensive, and most of them are “bump-proof,” meaning it’s much harder for burglars to attack them.

Keyless locks also prevent you from having to give out your keys ever again. If you need a babysitter or a handyman to have access you can create code. Later, you can wipe that code, preventing them from getting back in if they’re no longer needed.

These entry systems aren’t just great for homeowners, either. They solve a lot of problems for business owners, too! It is far less expensive to remove a former employee’s code than it is to rekey locks every time a key isn’t returned.

If you want to get really fancy then you can hook your keyless entry system up to a home automation service. This will allow you to open and close doors from a distance.

If you have a latch key kid then keyless entry gets even smarter. You won’t have to worry about hiding keys on the property (which is a terrible idea), and you don’t have to hope that your kids won’t lose keys. They memorize the code–there’s no losing that. Even if they forget the code they can phone you or text you for a reminder. If you’ve got home automation you can just open the door for them.

Most keyless entry systems also come with auto-locking features, which means they’ll take care of locking the door for you if you forget. You’ll never again have to worry that a moment of distraction will cause a hole in your home security.

Finally, keyless entry systems are just super-convenient. You don’t have to fumble with keys or make copies before you go on vacation.

However, we do recommend entry systems with deadbolt locks. Most are battery-powered, and you will need the back-up if a battery goes out.

Should you get New Smart Locks for your home?

If you are watching the latest trends in locks, keys, and smart keys, smart lock systems are here to stay. You install these locks on your homes, replacing deadbolts. The smart lock is only visible inside of the home, making it harder for thieves to understand what kind of security they’re dealing with. A residential locksmith can implement this kind of home security for your property.

The homeowner carries a transponder key, and the door unlocks when the homeowner is close enough to the house to trigger a response, much like your car locks do. 

 Today, the notion that biometric house locks are simply luxuries clearly reserved for the rich is no longer accurate since even middle-class people are using this new technology. Electronic house locks are actually more efficient and provide the owners with better and 100% guaranteed security. 

There are many other advantages that come with the installation of an electronic lock or a smart lock system. For instance, if you are prone to losing your keys, biometric house locks come in handy because you only need either fingerprints or retinas to identify yourself. On the other hand, if you are tired of always waking up late at night to open the doors for your husband, wife or any other family member who accidentally forgot their keys in the house, the electronic house locks will actually be very useful. 

There are so many requirements that come with electronic house locks. For instance, you need to remember the password and change it once in a while in case it has been compromised. On the other hand, the installation of electronic house locks requires technical expertise making it difficult for DIY individuals.

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