3 Industrial Locksmith Solutions You Need to Start Using

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Explore key industrial locksmith solutions for safeguarding your business: customized access control, master key systems, and proactive security upgrades.

Technology has changed the way industries operate. It has made industries safer with a decrease in human errors. But at the same time, industrial outlets are more vulnerable to cybercrime and data leaks. Global businesses have upgraded their systems, software, and firewalls to safeguard their confidential information. While we spend a significant amount of resources on technological safety, we cannot ignore a factory outlet’s basic physical safety.

Robust high-security locks and industrial security systems safeguard the equipment used in the facility, business documents, loose cash, and the lives of the employees. Industrial outlets are full of heavy and expensive machinery. Factories can be dangerous places if people with no authorization enter restricted areas. CEOs and business owners need to protect their companies from both digital and physical attacks. Implementing strict industrial security protocols is vital for safe operations. So, industrial locksmith solutions from a reputed locksmith company play a crucial role in safeguarding industrial properties.

What security solutions should companies start using?

There are a wide range of security products you can use to protect your commercial property and ensure peace of mind. Here are three important industrial locksmith solutions that businesses need to start using.

1. Creating a customized key-control policy and managing access control

Along with mechanical keys, industrial setups can use cards, biometrics, or pushbuttons to ensure access control.

If you are looking to implement an access control system within your organization, here are some questions you need to ask yourself.


  • Do you need to hand over the keys to your employees?
  • Do you have a mechanism or process to monitor and prevent duplicates?
  • Do you give limited and restricted access to some of the employees? Are there employees who have unrestricted access to the facility?
  • What happens if an employee misplaces the keys? Have you noticed people borrowing keys from their colleagues?
  • Do you conduct regular key audits to ensure that the industrial outlet’s safety is not compromised due to improper handling of access controls?

A trained industrial locksmith can help you deal with all of the above questions. An expert industrial locksmith can design access control systems that allow authorization basis different variables upon understanding your requirements and operations. These variables can be day, date, time, and personnel specifications.

With access control, you can authorize a few employees to enter individual sections of the facility on a particular day. Further, you can put restrictions on the hours of operation as well. The mechanism can ensure that no employee will have access to the industry outlet on weekly offs or beyond working hours. Additionally, access control systems can track failed attempts at gaining entry. Remote websites, PIN codes, and one-time authentication numbers are some of the advanced methods that can help access control.

Despite best industrial security practices and robust access control mechanisms, key duplication remains a significant security concern. Industrial locksmiths play an essential role in helping industry owners check and prevent the making of duplicate keys.

Having patent-protected locks and keys is only one aspect of an access control system. The other element is documentation, ensuring traceability. Automation, along with remote access and access control, ensures full-proof industrial security.

2. Using a Master Key system

Industrial security is relatively more complex than securing a residential facility. With multiple buildings, data centers, shop floors, and manufacturing units, one has to ensure every individual section’s safety and security while managing the factory outlet’s overall security. Also, a master key is more comfortable to carry than a bunch of unique keys. One can have passkeys and sub-passkeys along with a master key.

Every unit or department can have a separate sub-pass key. An advantage of electronic passkeys is that they can be disabled whenever required. With a patented master key, you can reduce the distress caused by a lockout situation. As a master key system is vital for industrial security, it is essential to avail a reputed industrial locksmith for master keys. A structurally faulty master key can weaken the locks’ resistance and open locks that it is not meant to open.

3. Security upgrades

Upgrading the security system is often a reaction to a safety breach. But if you are working with an industrial locksmith, you can proactively understand the recent security upgrades suitable for you. For a smooth upgrade, some of the things a professional industrial locksmith can help with are:


  • Understanding whether you will need a mechanical or an electrical upgrade.
  • The cost of replacing your existing hardware, if necessary.
  • Basis the level of security required, suggest the latest applications that are compatible with the security system.
  • The transition from battery-operated devices to Wi-Fi systems.
  • Introduce two-factor authentication or biometrics for advanced access control.


Industrial Locksmith Services in Charlotte

Reputed industrial locksmiths can help with a patented limited access system for key control. Manufacturers provide key banks directly to reputed industrial locksmith dealers. Thus, complete accountability lies solely with the industrial locksmith dealer.

A professional locksmith company in Charlotte like A-Access Lock & Key will work closely with you to develop a documentation system by assigning a unique identification number to every key. Every authorized user will have access to this identification number. You can install CCTV cameras and alarm systems that get triggered when an unauthorized person attempts to unlock the doors.

With A-Access Lock & Key, industrial security will never be an afterthought. You may want to get in touch with our local industrial locksmiths for a customized access management solution.

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