Different types of smart locks

Gone are the days of the traditional lock with keys. Now is the age for smart locks. Yes, locks that operate without the use of a key are called smart locks. These smart locks function with the help of electronic or digital technology and need a wi-fi connection. They may use motion sensors, digital coding, biometrics, or even face recognition.  Depending on the type of technology used, smart locks and products are of various kinds. Smartphone locks, voice-activated locks, fingerprint locks, remote-controlled locks, etc are some to name a few types of locks.

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What are the different types of smart locks?

All smart locks operate on keyless technology.  But this keyless technology differs from one type of smart lock to the other, as seen below. Let us take a look at the different types of smart locks.

Smartphone locks

The smart locks which use a smartphone as the key are called “Smartphone locks”. Here you use the smartphone to open the lock.  

This smartphone lock is much sought-after as its technology allows you to operate the lock from anywhere around the globe. This remarkable feat is possible by the use of Bluetooth and WiFi. Yes, from miles away, you can open the door for your loved ones or even lock your home safely.

Your smartphone lock has a host of wonderful features. You can grant or restrict access to visitors or guests by assigning them digital keys. You can keep track of who enters and exits your home always. The smartphone lock can also generate alert notifications or trigger alarms if someone tampers with it.  All this and much more with your smart door locks.

Some of the popular smartphone locks in the market are Azlock, Ultralock U-bolt Pro, Lockly Secure Pro, etc.

Voice-activated locks

How would it be if you could just say Open Sesame and open your door, like Alibaba? Well, that is possible today with these voice-activated locks and smart home devices.

Voice-activated locks operate based on your voice commands. This is possible through Bluetooth or Wifi.  This technology has done away with passcodes and keypads. All you need is to give instructions loud and clear in your own voice. Your voice recording saved on the device is used to lock or unlock the voice lock.

Voice-activated locks work on 3 major voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Assistant. the major companies that deal with voice-activated locks are Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, and August.

Fingerprint locks

In a fingerprint lock, the image of your fingerprint acts as the key. This lock uses biometric information of your fingerprint by scanning it. This image is stored as a numerical template. Only a matching copy of the template can open the lock.  Fingerprint locks are thus virtually theft-proof and add an extra layer of security.  Only if you share your fingerprint copy can others access this lock. Fingerprint-proof locks are tamper and theft-proof, offering maximum security to your home. Laxre and Geek are some brands that deal with fingerprint locks in the market today.

Remote-controlled locks

Remote-controlled locks are locks that operate with the help of a remote. Here, the lock opens only if you press the button on the remote. When pressed, the remote use digital encryption to operate the lock. Since this code cannot be easily copied, this smart lock ensures good security for your home. The only precaution to take is not to lose your remote.

Remote control locks have in-built alarms for low battery, tampering, etc. The remote can be battery or solar-powered and lasts long, sometimes even up to 300,000 operations. Schale, Kwikset, Yale, August, Hugolog, Geek, etc are some good remote-controlled lock brands in the market

Keep up with the current technology trends by adopting the keyless types of locking systems. Make your home a smart home hub. Ensure maximum protection for your home using security systems that come with smart locks.

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