12 Top Locksmith Tips From An Emergency Locksmith

Do you have a bunch of doubts regarding Locksmiths, the Locksmith profession, and your security? Here are 12 quality Locksmith tips brought to you by one of the top Locksmiths in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you are interested in the Locksmith business and want to learn more, take a look a peek at this informative graphic created and designed completely by the A-Access team.

It provides answers to doubts on frequently asked automotive, residential, and commercial Locksmith such as what a master key is, what to do if your car key breaks, and whether or not you should rekey a new home. Read on for more details

12 Top Locksmith Tips - Infographic

Our Expert Locksmith Offers 12 Useful Tips on Locks

Locksmith Charlotte NC 

We at A-Access Lock & Key receive a lot of questions related to our job and Locksmiths, locks, keys, and security in general. Here are your Locksmith questions, answered by our Expert Locksmith to the best of his ability.

1. Can any lock be opened? 

This depends on the particular lock as well as the Locksmith, but rest assured that almost any lock can be opened by a skilled Locksmith. Our Expert Locksmith can pick any lock!

2. How long will it take? 

The time for opening a lock varies depending on the lock. A top-tier Locksmith can open a lock in a few a few seconds but it can take as long as 30 minutes. The average time is around 20-30 minutes in most cases. This is less than the time it takes us to get to Fort Mill from Charlotte! 

3. What tools are needed? 

Locksmiths use specialized lock picks to open locks, along with their own unique tools.  A-Access Lock & Key uses only the best high-security tools and is equipped with the latest state of the art technology when it comes to locks and keys.

4. I lost my keys. What should I do? 

If you lost your keys, keep calm and contact your local Locksmith. If you are in the greater Charlotte area, reach us at 704-545-5410. A Locksmith can generate new keys for most types of locks. This includes Businesses, Autos, as well as Home locks. 

5. Should I put high-security locks on my home or business?

Yes, absolutely. High-security locks increase the safety of your home or office. They resist burglar attacks a lot better than conventional locks. Having high-security locks will help keep your home or office safe and secure. 

6. If I just purchased a new home, should I rekey it? 

Yes. It is a good idea to rekey your house locks, whether you purchased a new home in Charlotte or elsewhere. This is because when the home was being built the contractors and/or subcontractors probably had access to your home’s key. To ensure your safety, you should call a Locksmith (704-545-5410 for Charlotteans) and have your entire home rekeyed. 

7. I broke my car key. Do I need to get new locks and keys for my car? 

No, not at all. A car Locksmith has the ability to originate a car key, even if it has been broken or cut into pieces. 

8. Should I keep duplicate keys? 

Always have more than one key, whether it’s for your car, home, or office. Having a spare key can save a lot of time and money in the long run. Obviously, keep the key in a safe place and don’t tell anyone about it.

9. What is a master key? 

Master-keying is a system in which a group of master-keyed locks is operable by its own individual key in each lock as well as the master key. Each individual key only operates its lock. The master-key operates all the locks in the group. 

10. Can a Locksmith cut a key from a number? 

In many cases, a Locksmith can make keys from the code number of a lock. This is common with vehicles, padlocks, filing cabinets, etc. The same applies to our Expert Charlotte Locksmith as well.  

11. What do I do if my key is broken in the lock? 

Do NOT try to get it out. You can do more damage to your lock. If it is a car key, you can ruin your ignition. Call a Locksmith Service like A-Access Lock & Key for assistance. It’s the most cost-effective way of solving the problem. 

12. When would you need to call a Locksmith? 

You should contact a Locksmith for any type of job that has locks and keys. In the case of an emergency lockout, car lockout, or house lockout. If you’re facing these problems and live in or around Charlotte, call us at 704-545-5410.

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