What are the latest trends in locksmith technology?

Advanced technology has impacted every sector. The locksmith industry is no longer an exception. Locksmith service providers are at the forefront to adopt the latest technological trends. A robust security system gives people peace of mind in their fast-moving life.    The traditional locksmith industry has been around for a long time. What do you … Click Here To Read More

Physical Access Control for Offices & Campuses

Every office, big or small, must have complete control over the physical access to its premises. Only this can prevent illegal entry, theft, and other malpractices. Traditional locks can not minimize such potential threats. What one needs is an advanced type of access control and enhancing the security standards. This is where Physical Access Control … Click Here To Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Deadbolts

In this post, our trusted locksmith will explain everything you need to know about deadbolts. Do you know how to make your home safer? With a deadbolt. A deadbolt is the most basic level of security for doors in residential buildings and commercial buildings.   Deadbolts are a type of lock that can be found on … Click Here To Read More

Top 6 Security Locks for French Doors

If you have French doors at home, it is important to take care of them. Therefore, a great way for your security is by using locks specifically made for such purposes. There are many types and options available so we recommend considering some factors before making the purchase. If you have French doors at home, … Click Here To Read More

Benefits of Master Key System

Teddy Poulos, a master professional locksmith and head of A-Access Lock & Key, explains why master keys are beneficial. Master key systems are a crucial and essential part of security for residential and commercial buildings. Security is paramount in our society, but sometimes we forget about the basic safety of who we care about most—our … Click Here To Read More

Restricted Key System – Pros and Cons

For home or office security, everyone looks for a foolproof locking system. A lock whose keys none can duplicate. No one wants second keys for their locks floating about everywhere.  If you want to know who is using the key each time, make sure that your lock has no set of keys other than what … Click Here To Read More

How Commercial Locksmiths Can Help Your Business?

Secure your investments and assets with a modern day licensed locksmith company like A-Access Lock & Key. Modern day locksmiths specialize in both traditional locking systems, keys, safes, doors and other secure installations to make sure you can protect what matters most when it comes time for the security of your business. A commercial business … Click Here To Read More

One-Stop Solution for Replacing Door Locks

Professionally installing locks can prevent unnecessary damage to the door or frame. You will also avoid extra costs associated with replacing both components of the door and frame, saving you from future headaches! Therefore instead of doing the lock installation work yourself leaving a damaged or worn lock, step aside and let our professional locksmith … Click Here To Read More

Is Your Home More Secure With Keyless Locks?

Are keyless locks and smart locks a better option for securing your property? In this article, our expert locksmith examines the advantages of keyless locks. With all of the key copying apps out there, it may be time for homeowners to think about installing a keyless lock in lieu of their standard residential lock. Keyless … Click Here To Read More