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Smart Locks vs Traditional Locks

The purpose of a lock is to keep you and your valuables safe. The success of a locking mechanism depends on the level of security it provides. Based on these facts, what type of lock should one go in for? – the traditional lock or the smart lock? 

Let’s get down and discuss with the help of our expert locksmith.

Smart Lock Vs Traditional Lock

The basic difference- the key option

The traditional lock has from time immemorial, worked on just one principle – using a physical key. In contrast, smart locks operate on the principle of keyless locking. They use the key concept only virtually. Instead of a physical key, they use a digital access code to operate the lock.

The locking mechanism

Traditional locks are mechanical lock systems. They operate with the help of tumblers, pins, and levers. Smart locks, on the other hand, are electronic locks. They have electronic microchips to interact with your smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Types of locks

Mortise locks, cylinder locks, pin tumbler locks, and rim locks are common types of traditional locks. Other common locks of their type are deadbolt lock, knob lock, etc.

Smart locks are of the keypad lock, fingerprint lock, etc. Some even operate with the help of Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa. The Wi-Fi Smart lock or Net-Enabled lock is of the same smart variety.

Some of the traditional locks have been modified to include modern smart features. For instance, we have electrified mortise locks that integrate the features of the traditional lock with smart features.

Remote access

The main advantage of a smart lock is its facility for remote operation. You can operate the lock from any remote location. All you need is a smartphone and a pin code. This facility is of great use for working professionals and entrepreneurs who are forever busy and might lose the key.

Ease of access

With a smart lock, access is easy as all you need is to punch the code using the access code button. You can easily grant access to whomever you want without the need for a key. In contrast, a traditional lock needs a physical key. If this key is lost, you must call a professional locksmith to open the lock or make a spare key. 

Functioning during power failures

For a traditional lock, there is no need for power. It can work well with or without power. On the other hand, a smart lock cannot work during a power outage. It must at least have battery backup. Without either, the smart lock is inoperable.

Monitoring and access control

With a smart door lock, you can keep a track of who uses the lock and when. You can even grant or restrict access to people. This access control is of great use in granting access to friends or restricting access to staff, repair technicians, and sales vendors. This facility is not available with traditional locks.

Ease of installation

A traditional lock is easy to install. A smart lock on the other hand may require wiring to connect to power and WiFi. It also needs an expert locksmith to do the job.

Smart lock vs traditional lock- which is the more secure option?

When you consider the security aspect, installing a smart lock may seem to be a bad idea. Smart lock hacking is common these days as smart technology uses the internet which is open to all.

In contrast, traditional locks have provided security for centuries. Mortise locks and deadbolt locks are virtually pick-proof. 

If you weigh the pros and cons, smart locks score on the convenience to homeowners. Traditional locks rank higher on security. 

The only way to end this ongoing debate is to make the best of both worlds. Choose a smart lock that integrates with a traditional one like the Sesame lock that works well with the single latch deadbolt.

Use a touchscreen keypad along with a deadbolt or mortise lock. Your professional locksmith can help you to customize this.

Be it a traditional lock or a smart lock, enlist professional locksmith services in Charlotte from A-Access Lock & Key for lock installation and service. This will give you both maximum security and peace of mind.

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