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Particulars on Plaza-Midwood

Plaza-Midwood is an eclectic and diverse neighborhood close to Uptown Charlotte. Plaza-Midwood has a population of around 50000. It is situated in Mecklenburg County and offers a sparse suburban feel to the residents. It has a lot of bars, parks, and restaurants to reduce the banker and business vibe of Uptown Charlotte. Because of the proximity to Uptown, the real estate prices have increased 12% in two years.

Plaza-Midwood residents send their children to some of the famous schools in the city like Eastway Middle School and Shamrocks Gardens Elementary School.

Plaza-Midwood was established in 1910. However, it only gained importance at the end of the 20th century. In 1992, the western section of Plaza-Midwood is recognized as a part of the historic district along with Thomas Avenue, Clement, and The Plaza.

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It became an urban dwelling and underwent continuous development to become one of the top places to live near Charlotte.

Fall Crawl and Midwood Maynia are the two outdoor festivals hosted by Plaza-Midwood every year. They are marked by live music, pet parade, kids costume parade, music, food, and shopping. Urgent care, dentistry, and pharmacies are available at Central Avenue.

Plaza-Midwood has a lot to offer society. Come visit this exciting place!

Neighborhoods of Plaza-Midwood

Plaza-Midwood is neighbored by Charlotte Country club, Villa heights, Belmont, Elizabeth, Rosemont, Colonial heights, and Chantilly.

Plaza-Midwood fosters the development of social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs in and around its neighborhoods. It always has a closer relationship with its neighborhoods to preserve the history and improve the standards of the community.

Plaza-Midwood is surrounded by Hawthrone on the west, Parkwood Avenue, and The Plaza on the north, Central Avenue on the south, northeast is shared by Matheson avenue, and southeast by Masonic. 14% of the historic district lies in Plaza-Midwood. Other sides of the NEIGHBORHOOD extend into Commonwealth, Belmont, and Villa Heights.

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Directions to Plaza-Midwood NC

Plaza-Midwood is 3 miles from Charlotte. You can drive there in 9 minutes via East 7th Street and Central Avenue. First, head northeast on S Tryon St toward W Trade St. Then, turn right onto E 7th St. Next, turn left onto Central Ave. Finally, turn left onto Chatham Ave and you will be at Plaza-Midwood.

Public Transport Nearby Plaza-Midwood

Plaza-Midwood is well connected to Charlotte by bus. Routes 3, 4, 9, and 23 operate from the Charlotte Transportation Center. Here are some ways to go to and from Plaza-Midwood:

  • Catch bus #4 from Country club.
  • At Central Avenue, get on bus #9.
  • Catch bus #17 from Commonwealth.
  • From Eastway, get into bus #39.

Railway stations are under development in Plaza-Midwood.

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Places of Interest in Plaza-Midwood

Plaza-Midwood has beers, boutiques, burgers, Asian, ice creams, soft drinks, and international cuisine to fill your stomach.

There are three breweries in Plaza-Midwood. They are Legion, Pilot Brewing, and Resident Culture. The most famous coffee shops are Undercurrent Coffee, Central Coffee, and Nova’s Coffee.

You can also visit the following eateries:

  • Midwood Smokehouse
  • Kiki
  • Snooze
  • Moo & Brew

Attractions in Plaza-Midwood

Plaza-Midwood has many parks, art galleries, and funky stores to spend time with friends and family. They include the following:

  • Midwood Park
  • Veterans Park
  • Briar Creek Greenway
  • Chantilly Ecological Sanctuary
  • Art P.O.P. Street Gallery
  • The light factory Art Gallery
  • Midwood Market

Plaza-Midwood is filled with fun and eccentric events throughout the year and it is a favorite picnic spot for its neighborhoods. Music and food never end at Snug Harbor, Midwood Guitar, Common Market, or The Rabbit Hole.

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Source:”Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Plaza Midwood Library” by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Landmarks of Plaza-Midwood

Being a historic district of North Carolina, Plaza-Midwood has a lot of notable places. Some of the most famous landmarks are:

  • Plaza-Midwood Library
  • Kilgo United Methodist Church
  • Arhelger Memorial
  • The Victoria House
  • Barnhardt- Cramer House
  • The Army Reserves
  • Mr. Art Wood

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Yes. Plaza-Midwood is a safe Charlotte neighborhood to live in or visit. 

When you rent or buy a home at Plaza-Midwood, the home details will be disclosed by the Historic District Commission Office

The ZIP codes of Plaza-Midwood are 28204 and 28205. The area codes are 704 and 980.

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