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Founded in 1996, A-Access Lock & Key company is a professional locksmith Cotswold residents trust for lock and key repair. Our agency of helpful technicians and locksmiths serves Cotswold and surrounding areas. The A-Access Lock & Key commercial and residential locksmith team is headed by Teddy Poulos, who is certified by the State of North Carolina with Locksmith License #0088.
The A-Access Lock & Key mobile Cotswold locksmith unit will arrive at your location in Cotswold in our dependable locksmith van within 30 minutes. Give Teddy a call today!


Details Concerning Cotswold

Cotswold is a neighborhood of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County. Cotswold is located at the intersection of Sharon Amity and Randolph road. Over 90,000 people live here and it is emerging as one of the top areas for living and shopping near Uptown.
Cotswold is famous for its vintage architecture of homes from the 1950s and 60s. There are a lot of 1960s ranches throughout the place. The total area of Cotswold is 22 acres, with a land space of 260,000 square feet.
Cotswold has weathered economic activity since the 1970s with many village shops. The real estate is a little less than other regions of Charlotte.
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Cotswold has shops that draw visitors every year. Supermarkets, clothing stores, hair salons, and restaurants provide a multifaceted image to the place. It serves as the desired location for newcomers. It is an established neighborhood with everything to get acquainted with city life.

Come to Cotswold for some of the top hotspots of the world!


Neighborhoods of Cotswold

Cotswold is an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Mecklenburg County. Cotswold is situated between Randolph Park, Sherwood Forest, Providence Park, and Myers Park. It is one of the favorite communities of Charlotte. Cotswold is in proximity to the business district of Uptown Charlotte. Cotswold neighborhoods are great with lined trees, residential lots, lofts, townhomes, and new homes. Cotswold residents attend the schools located in its neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods of Cotswold are:
  • Providence Road
  • Rosewood Condos
  • Danbury Street
  • Coventry Road
  • Andover Road
  • Woodlark Lane
  • Randolph Road
  • Water Oak Road
  • Walker Road
The economic development of Cotswold is dependent on the neighborhoods. Since Cotswold is close to Uptown, working people prefer to have their homes here.

Do you require emergency services, reliable lock repair, or a security system for your home or business in Cotswold? Call a trustworthy locksmith like A-Access Lock & Key at (704) 545 5410 to help you out.



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Directions to Cotswold NC

Cotswold is just 5.3 miles away from Charlotte and takes 10 minutes to reach. From Charlotte, you need to get on US-74 E/E Independence Expy. Then, follow US-74 E/E Independence Expy to Charlotte Rte 4/N Wendover Rd. After this, take exit 245 A from US-74 E/E Independence Expy. Now, follow Charlotte Rte 4/N Wendover Rd and McAlway Rd to Walker Rd. You should arrive at Cotswold.

Public Transport Nearby Cotswold

Cotswold is well connected to Charlotte with many bus routes. You can reach Cotswold from:
  • Route # 14 (Providence Road)
  • Route #15 (Randolph Road)
  • Route #29 (South Park)
  • Route #45x (Carmel Road express bus)
  • Route #61x (Arboretum express bus)
  • Route #62x (Rea Road express bus)
CSX transportation lines move near Cotswold and rails are available up to Monroe Rd and Ellington Street.


Places of Interest in Cotswold NC

Cotswold is the place for shopping and dining for Uptown and its neighborhood. Its mixed population has improved the taste buds of Charlotteans with mouthwatering global cuisine.

The major restaurants in the shopping center are:
  • IHOP
  • Marshalls
  • Bistro La Bon Cotswold
  • Bulla Gastro Bar
  • The Common Market
  • Eddie’s Place
  • Thai House
  • Grinning Mule

The popular hotels to stay and relish are:

  • IHOP
  • Golden Green Hotel

Attractions in Cotswold NC

Located at the center of Cotswold, the Cotswold Village shopping mall is the primary attraction here. Large chain stores like Steinmart, Old Navy, Rack Room, and Harris Teeter along with less popular Skillbeck Gallery, Dreams & Dragon Flies, and Ten Thousand Villages are present in Cotswold Village.
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Landmarks Close to Cotswold NC

Apart from Cotswold Village, the top landmarks close to Cotswold are:
  • The Light Factory
  • Wing Haven
  • Mecklenburg Historical Association
  • Oakhurst Park

Locksmith for Home & Business

Best Charlotte locksmiths are often the first responders in emergencies, and A-Access Lock & Key is committed to ensuring that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. We specialize at affordable prices for all services we provide throughout Cotswold!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Cotswold is famous for its shopping center. Cotswold Village has an open-air shopping center with restaurants and shops. There are three very large stores here.
Cotswold is a good neighborhood and emerging as one of the areas near Charlotte. Cotswold is 11 minutes away from Charlotte and has a lower crime rate than other cities in North Carolina. New residents have recently been pouring into the place.
The ZIP code of Cotswold is 28211 and the area codes are 704 and 980.
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) inspects and checks the records, qualifications, licenses, and certificates of locksmiths under their jurisdiction. ANSI-approved locksmiths are qualified and trusted to provide quality services in Cotswold. They only use ANSI-approved locks, keys, technology, and equipment to ensure your security and safety.
Rekeying your existing locks is the best idea when moving into a different rented home or apartment in Cotswold. When moving to a new place, you are not aware of the keys floating around and who has them. This is why rekeying is safer than using the existing keys.