What are the latest trends in locksmith technology?

Advanced technology has impacted every sector. The locksmith industry is no longer an exception. Locksmith service providers are at the forefront to adopt the latest technological trends. A robust security system gives people peace of mind in their fast-moving life.   

The traditional locksmith industry has been around for a long time. What do you do when your keys get jammed? You may need a professional locksmith for key cutting. Did you forget your car keys inside the vehicle? Before you damage the car out of frustration, it is best to call an automotive locksmith. 

The term automotive locksmith is recent. For a long time, locksmiths were associated with traditional mechanical locks. While traditional security locks are still around, security system installation has seen many technological advances. 

People want to control everything with their mobile phones. Smartphones have given rise to the need for digital access control. Smart locks are now becoming popular. So how have traditional locksmiths adopted advances in security technology?  What is the customer demand from security professionals? 

Access Control Systems: Cards and Biometrics

 A commercial building needs a dependable locksmith to install access control. When the economy improves, there is usually a rise in commercial buildings. Only a reliable and trusted locksmith can ensure the safety of large commercial establishments.With many employees coming in at different times, controlling access is important for a trusted locksmith professional. The entry and exit data of employees is important as people may be working in shifts. Commercial security technology helps design restricted access for commercial clients.With digitization, card access systems and biometric access solutions have become a trend. Digital access systems offer many benefits, especially in office buildings.

1. Cardholders or registered users can enter quickly. The waiting period is shorter than manual security checks.

2. Replacing lost keys is expensive. But commercial locksmith services can disable or re-program access cards with ease.

3. Digital access helps in automating employee attendance data.A dependable locksmith will ensure timely maintenance and upgrades.

Are you going key-less? What is the trend in automotive locksmithing?

It is unbelievable how much the simple concept of a key has changed!

While remote keys were once the trend, technology has advanced a lot more. Have you heard of a key fob? Did you know that you only need to be close enough to your vehicle with proximity keys?

Your keys will send low-frequency signals that will automatically unlock the car. Going key-less saves time. It makes entry and exit hassle-free.
But what happens if the remote or key fob stops working? What if the sensors miss the key signals? In such cases, do not worry. A key fob locksmith will know exactly how to help you. 

‘Smart locks’ in the era of smartphones: Is connected technology the future?
What if you could control your electronic appliances with your home keys? Isn’t it annoying when the garage door remote does not work? With Bluetooth and WiFi, keyless entry is a reality. Imagine your lights going on the moment you unlock your house door! With digital locks, you can control your home security system from anywhere. Digital locks are useful even during emergencies since you can activate the auto-lock program. If there is a fire, then your doors will unlock automatically. In case of unauthorized or forced entry, you will get a notification on your phone. Mobile locksmith services are gaining popularity in the digital era. Security is a specialized service. Professional locksmiths know the latest technological trends in the industry.

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