How to Spot a Locksmith Scam

Nobody goes looking for a locksmith when they are having a good day, but when you are locked out of your home or car, you need a reputed locksmith to help you out.

It’s important to be aware that there are scammer locksmiths out there who are just waiting to prey on your stress. These people will overcharge you, damage your car, and leave you worse than they found you. Here are some of the ways to identify a scammer.

Scam locksmiths are not certified.

Our state requires all locksmith technicians to be certified. You can look up any locksmith’s license with an easy online search. We encourage you to do so. If you could not find those details, then be aware.

Scammers overcharge after underquoting it first.

The first quote from a fake locksmith is often very low, like $15 or $20, so they can get their foot in the door and then do the price gouging. Then they show up, disassemble your lock, and tell you, “It’s more complicated than I thought it would be.” That’s when they hit you with high prices. Scammers charge prices that are almost 5 to 10 times higher than any professional locksmith service should ever cost.

Familiarize yourself with common service cost averages for different services before you call. Our average locksmith service call costs between $100 and $300, depending on what needs to be done. Note that the more expensive calls are usually full rekeys on transponder systems that require special care.

Scammers are untrained.

Most scammers are untrained or self-taught, which is why they don’t have a license. Some of them got their “training” by ripping off cars. You have to get a criminal background check to get a locksmith’s license, and they can’t manage to pass one of those, either.

Do your homework to avoid locksmith fraud!

Researching a potential locksmith’s web and social presence is the best way to make sure you are dealing with a company that has legitimate locksmiths on its rolls and not lead-gen locksmiths. Check the locksmith’s website or Facebook page. Is it a thin site, or is the Facebook page not updated? Check third-party review sites. What are other people saying about the locksmith? Are they certified or a bogus locksmith?

When you get them on the phone, ask them to send a written estimate on the company letterhead. Does it sound realistic and reasonable for the type of job you’re asking the locksmith to do?

Some more helpful tips to avoid locksmith fraud!

  • When you find a certified locksmith who does a good job, add their number to your phone contact list!
  • Get a quote! Ask about any additional fees and double-check the lock service quote when the locksmith arrives.
  • Cross-check online reviews to avoid fraudulent locksmiths.
  • Ask for the legal name of the business as soon as you call to avoid ‘networking’ companies or lead-gen locksmiths that dispatch uncertified individuals and operate under multiple names.
  • Finally, get a copy of their business card or jot down the locksmith’s license plate number. This gives you some recourse if they’re dirty, giving you more information to pass on to the police.

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