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Replacement car keys

Need Replacement car keys? We  Make New Car Keys On the Spot


Did you lose your car keys? Do you need replacement car keys ? We got you covered! At A-Access Lock & Key, you need not worry about lost car keys, we make new ones on the spot, quickly and efficiently! We are well known in Charlotte as one of the best locksmiths there is, because we are efficient, we are fast, and we are pros.


Every single one of our Charlotte locksmiths is highly skilled and professional, and we specialize in emergency situations involving lost automotive, residential, and industrial keys.


replacement car keysWe can help you if you need:


  • Replacement car keys
  • Broken car key on-the-spot replacement
  • Car rekey
  • Ignition key replacement
  • Emergency lost keys services




A-Access Lock & Key Charlotte locksmith offers a wide variety of auto locksmith solutions that go beyond just car key replacement services. Our expert technicians have years of experience, are fully trained, licensed and insured. We are equipped with the most advanced key cutting machines and rekeying tools, to bring you the best locksmith services in Charlotte.

No More Frustrations!

We understand how frustrating it is to have your car keys replaced. If you have your lost keys replaced through the dealership, it can be very expensive. Car dealers would also require you to have your vehicle towed to their garage, and not only will you have to spend extra on the towage, you would also be charged an unjustified amount  just for the replacement car keys.

Yes, it can be both expensive and frustrating, mainly because replacement  keys requires a higher level of car rekeying programming techniques and skills so that the chip key will be read by the ignition. It is unfortunate indeed that many car dealerships do not hire locksmiths or key technicians to work in-house, so they also have to outsource the job, which incurs more expenses for them, and also consumes more time. No wonder replacement keys through dealerships take a day or two!

Good thing the best Charlotte locksmith A-Access Lock & Key has got you covered. Our services are offered at very reasonable prices, including lost key services, replacement car keys and ignition key replacement. We go to you so you won’t have to have your car towed. We make new keys on the spot and can give you your replacements in no time at all.Auto locksmith

Call us at 704-545-5410 for your lockout and lost car key emergencies. If you have a broken car key, lost ignition key, or require extra keys for your car, you can rely on A-Access Lock & Key Charlotte locksmith.

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