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Mailbox locks

Mailbox Locks – Need a new mailbox lock?


Do you want to protect yourself against stolen mail, and possible identity theft or fraud? Then have your mailbox locks changed or installed.

We often worry about our homes being broken into, so we secure our door and window locks. But we sometimes don’t consider just how prone our mailboxes are to crime. Have you thought about how inconvenient and damaging it would be if your mailbox is broken into, and your important information or documents are stolen?

mailbox locksSecuring your mailbox is equally important as protecting your valuables. In Charlotte, most mails are delivered into roadside or wall-mounted mailboxes, which are in open and public spaces with plenty of casual traffic passing by. Changing your postal locks is a necessary, but simple, way to protect yourself against identity theft and stolen information.

The mechanism of these locks are quite simple, often comprised of 3 to 5 small wafers that match the key configuration. A small C-clip holds the lock in place, which then applies pressure to the mailbox door. The entire lock changing process can be completed within 20 minutes, even less.

We at A-Access Lock & Key are known experts in installing and changing mailbox locks in Charlotte. When we change your mailbox lock, we only need to remove the current lock and replace it with an even more secure lock. If you lost the keys to your own mailbox and are locked out of it, we will just pick or drill the lock open to regain access, and then change the lock. You will be given a new set of keys, which will guarantee complete access control, and that means you alone have access to your mailbox.



When Should You Change Your Postal Locks?

You should replace your mailbox lock when:

  • You lose your wallet, purse or keys.
  • You move in to a new home.
  • If you are a rental property owner, the mailbox lock should be changed every time a new tenant moves in.


A-Access Lock & Key is a trusted professional locksmith in Charlotte, and we have serviced thousands of customers for over 20 years. We offer speed, flexibility and efficiency. Our highly trained locksmiths are mobile, and we offer a same day service, which means that we can always go to your location when you call us. We have all major brands of  locks in stock so you won’t have to wait for a replacement. Call us today at 704-545-5410 if you need your Charlotte mailbox locks changed.