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Profile of a Burglar

We all know what burglars are, and it’s fair to say that nobody wants them anywhere near their homes. However, many of us seem to overlook the fact that 50% of burglars live within a 2 mile radius of the homes they invade. You should also be aware that a burglar may have already stepped into your home at some point, either when they were repairing your toilet or delivering a package. In order to protect your home and more importantly, your family, check out our infographic to get the breakdown of what you should expect from your typical burglar.


1. Majority of burglars are committed by males under the age of 25.

2. 85% of break ins are committed by non professionals who try to scope out easy targets.

3. The most common tools burglars will try to use are screwdrivers, pliers, pry bars and hammers.

4. 56% of burglars are white, 31% are Hispanic, 9% are African American.

5. 95% of burglars are male.

6. 50% of burglars live within 2 miles of the homes they invade.

7. 67% of burglars commit non-violent invasions and 67% don’t carry any weapons.

8. The average burglar will commit their crime in less than 12 minutes.

9. Burglars have regular jobs too and they may have already entered your house when they were repairing your cable or delivering your last package.

10. Burglars who also work as service occupations often ask to use your bathroom so they can unlock or disable windows for future entrance to your house.

11. Burglars HATE surveillance cameras, and will usually stay away from homes that have them set up

12. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States.

13. 90% of burglars gain access from either the front or back door.

14. Burglaries typically occur between 10am to 2pm.

15. On average a burglary results in a loss of $1600.

16. About 30% of burglaries are unlawful entry which means the burglar gained access without having to use force.

17. Nearly 66% of all burglaries occur in homes.

18. Less than 15% of all burglaries are solved.

19. 85% of burglaries occur in large metropolitan areas

20. Residences without a home security system are two to three times more likely to be targeted for a burglary.

This Infographic is from Home Link Security. Click on image to take you to the original source.