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Ask anyone who has a car if extra car keys are a necessity, and they will answer “Yes!” Anyone who has broken or lost their car keys will agree that having an extra car key or two is very important. Keys wear out from daily use, and we cannot help it but we sometimes lose or break our keys. We have had hundreds of calls asking for help with these problems ever since we opened shop in the two decades ago!

Keeping Up With Technology

Car manufacturers started implementing the use of transponder technology in their car keys in the early ‘90s to reduce auto theft, which was great, but it added more cost to the car owner in terms of key replacement. Because each car maker uses a different set of transponder technology in their cars, a Toyota car key cannot be used on a Mercedes Benz car.

Transponder keys are each programmed into the computer of the car and will allow it to start. These keys are called “chip keys”. Some car models and makes require “re-flashing” so that the car’s computer w
ill allow a new key to be added, if and when keys are lost. There are other cars that need the immobilizer or the re-flash to be reset just to add keys.

These days, chip keys are very sensitive; in fact, there are chip keys that get damaged just by dropping them. So it is highly advisable that you don’t toss your keys as the chip may crack when it hits the ground. But if and when that happens, you need an expert to replace your chip keys.

Not just about anyone can clone or replace a chip key. It needs a higher level of specialization, so only trust experts with years, even decades of experience in replacing chip keys.

A-Access Lock & Key is a full service Charlotte locksmith that speChip Keyscializes in automotive key emergencies. If you need the following services, we are the best solution:

  • Lost car keys
  • Car key replacements
  • Transponder keys
  • Car door unlocking
  • Chip keys
  • Emergency auto lockout
  • Emergency residential lockout
  • Rekeying
  • And many other lock and key services.


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